Sol Guard SPF 8 (6oz)


Sol Guard SPF 8 (6oz)


  • 100% Natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Reef-Safe
  • Broad Spectrum
  • Oxybenzone Free


Hawaiian Sol SPF 8 (6oz): Our SPF 8 blocks 50% of UVB & UVA Rays, giving you the perfect base of color. Marine/Reef Friendly, biodegradable SolGuard SPF 8 Natural Sunscreen contains all natural ingredients. With the active ingredient of the natural mineral, Zinc Oxide, it will provide broad spectrum protection

Active Ingredients: Natural, (Transparent) Zinc Oxide (7%)

Inactive Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera Leaf (Aloe Barbadensis Gel); Wild Pansy Extract (Viola Tricolor Extract); Green Coffee Bean extract (Coffee Arabica Bean Extract); Hibiscus (Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis Extract); Cucumber Extract (Cucumis Sativus Extract); Melon extracts; Sunflower Oil (Sunflower Seed Oil Glyceride); Tocopherol Acetate (Natural Vitamin E from corn); Cetyl Alcohol (derived from coconut) Natural Sorbate/Food Grade.


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