Golden Opal Dry Oil (6oz)


Golden Opal Dry Oil (6oz)


  • Dry Oil
  • Hydrating
  • Carrot Oil
  • Apricot Oil
  • Good for Eczema
  • Non-Greasy


Hawaiian Sol Golden Opal Dry Oil (6oz): Is a rich and unique mixture of Natural, exotic, tropical oils formulated in such a way to give a non-oily, dry feel when applied. Apricot, Carrot, Organic Sunflower, Squalene (from Olives), and other oils from the tropics are combined to enable your skin to nourish itself in the sun AND give your skin a rich Golden luster. This Biodegradable, Reef Friendly and Eco-Safe oil will be nice to your skin and better to our Eco system. GOLDEN OPAL DRY will give you the deep tan you expect yet you will not  know it is on your skin. It will nourish and irrigate your skin the  natural way, while being attacked by UV rays.

Ingredients: Rosehip Oil (Rosa Canina Fruit Oil); Apricot Oil; Kukui Oil (Aleurites Moluccana Seed Oil); Natural Carrot Oleoresin; Passion Fruit (Passiflora Incarnata Fruit Extract); Wheat Germ (Wheat Germ Clycerides); Tocopherol Acetate (Natural Vitamin E from corn)



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