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Proudly Family Owned and Operated!
    Bruce Shanks

    Bruce has been involved in the resort Pool & Beach business selling Sun Care, and rental of Beach Equipment at many resort locations on all of Hawaii’s Islands. His firsthand observations of what popular sunscreen products were causing in the waters of Hawaii concerned him. His collaboration with a Micro-Biologist resulted in a 100% Natural line of Sun care—Hawaiian Sol.

    Bruce Shanks
    Gaye Shanks

    Gaye spent many years operating several Avis Car Rental franchises. This experience gave her a knowledge of clerical and accounting management, that is vital to any business. She too is committed to trying to lessen the harms being done by chemicals found in most Sun Products, both on people and our Living Reef Systems. Gaye has been with Hawaiian Sol since its beginning and plays a major role in its continued growth.

    Gaye Shanks
    Office Manager
    Sean Shanks

    Sean worked at the Pool & Beach concessions during his High School years and then went off to college to graduate. Once graduated, he took a Sales job with a National Company where he was awarded several ‘Salesman of the Month’ honors. His love and passion for the Sun Care Industry enabled his Father, Bruce, to lure him back to Hawaiian Sol to help spread the Mission Statement that is growing steadily, a few years ago.

    Sean Shanks
    Sales Director
Hawaiian Sol
This Video explains the benefits of our 100% Natural Product Line, help us in doing our part to preserve Our Marine Eco-System, by doing your part, Mahalo! Click the play button now!


Hawaiian Sol uses NON-NANO, Zinc Oxide for Broad Spectrum protection. Protectig you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays produced by the Sun. While also protecting your skin, our 100% Natural sunscreen is safe for our sensitive Marine Life.

Family Safe

When enjoying the beautiful Hawaiian Beaches, don't forget the Sun acts fast. Protect yourself and your family. It is best to use Natural Ingredients in Sunscreens, especially in Sub Tropical climates.

Hawaii Legislation

Did you know, due to the bleaching of Hawaii's Coral Reef systems, the State Legislation has proposed a ban on the sell and use of suncreens with the ingredients, Oxybenzone and Octinoxate?

Product of choice

Hawaiian Sol is chosen by many of Hawaii's well known excursion companies, providing their guests with 100% Natural Sunscreen, to emphasize the importance of using a Reef-Safe Sunscreen.